Backup Battery for Apple Watch,iPhone, iPad and Smartphone 10000 mAh high capacity

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  • 10000mAh Polymer battery 
    - When stacked against its competition, the Watchman has the highest battery capacity for charging the Apple Watch and iPhone together
  • Charge Apple Watch
    - With its built-in Apple certified magnetic charging module, Watchman can charge the Apple Watch anytime, anywhere. Users will not need to carry a cable because Watchman has its own built-in battery
    - Keep your original charger in its place by bringing Watchman with you wherever you go
  • Built in Lightning cable 
    - With its built-in Lightning cable, the Watchman can charge an iPhone and Apple watch simultaneously
  • Universal charging 
    - In addition to built in Apple watch charger and lightning cable, Watchman has a universal USB port to charge virtually any device
  • Charger with Pass through 
    - While connected to a 2A wall charger, users can charge their Apple Watch and iPhone while charging Watchman 
    - Users can charge their Apple watch, iPhone, and Watchman simultaneously at night and take them out to use the next day
  • MFI 
    - The attached Lightning cable and wireless charging module are MFI certified to ensure compatibility with all your iOS devices
  • Safety 
    - Our protected circuitry and strictly tested lithium polymer battery provides users with a safe experience
  • Extreme Stylish 
    - The Watchman's seamless plastic and metal design makes it a high-end, eye-catching look

Data sheet

224 gram
10000 mAh
140 x 71 x 17.5 mm
5V / 2.4A , Lightning Cable : 5V/2.0A, Universal USB Port : 5V/2.4A
iOS11 and below
Battery Type
Li-Polymer Battery

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