We provide 2 delivery channel by this following:

1. Registered Mail   3.jpg

provides written evidence of mailing for senders. Recipients are required to sign their name upon receiving the mail. The delivery process is different from the standard mail delivery. This service is suitable for sending important documents and items, or valuables. In case there is any loss or damage caused by Thailand Post, you will receive compensation as follows:

Timing  :     3-5 Working Days  For Bangkok 5-7 Working Days for Upcountry 

2. Express Mail Service :  EMS  6.jpg

Postal items will be sent via an express delivery system. With our special and separate EMS system, you can be confident that your mail will be delivered to recipients speedily and safely. Thailand Post is pleased to repay service fees if we can’t meet our mail delivery standard. In case there is  any loss or damage caused by Thailand Post, we will provide compensation

Timing  :    Only 1 Working Days For Bangkok 3-5 Working Days for Upcountry

Delivery Fee Rate

Registered Mail                         Shipping Free  
Express Mail Service :               EMS 50 Baht /Piece
If you order over  ฿ 1,000         Shipping Free